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» The 22nd World Islamic Banking Conference 2015/2016

World Islamic Banking Conference

More than 1,200 senior representatives of more than 45 countries and 300 organizations will participate in the Islamic Banking Global Conference in December 2016 for three days in the Bahraini capital, Manama.

Central Bank Governors, senior businessmen from companies involved in financial technology and the leaders of contemporary thought will take part. This annual gathering is a platform to provide diverse and innovative solutions for the Islamic finance field. A key point is that the conference is organized by The Middle East Global Advisors, a major agency providing smart solutions for emerging and frontier markets.


The Global Competitiveness Report of the Islamic banking sector 2015/2016

The report revealed that the total profits of Islamic banks in the Gulf countries exceeded $ 12 billion in 2014, with the expectation of continued growth, despite the ambiguity of the regional economic situation.

The report deems nine major markets as the growth engines of the global financial Islamic industry, and identified 40 banks in these markets as important elements to achieve growth in the future.


All the key points were outlined in the press conference held in November, a month before the start of the 22nd World Islamic Banking Conference. 

The Islamic banking services sector of the United Arab Emirates is growing at an even greater rate because of the development plan and innovative vision, making it equal in rank with Malaysia in terms of the global market.

The Competitiveness Report is a major feature of the annual conference of Islamic banks, which is famous for being a global platform for the leaders of innovative thought, as well as for the exchange of ideas and information, over the past twenty two years. 

"The results and outputs of the Global Competitiveness Report of the Islamic banking sector 2015/2016 provides leading rolls will help in forming the future of Islamic banking"  said Nazim, the Chairman of the Group of Islamic financial services at "Ernst & Young" company.


The annual progress report prepared by "Ernst & Young", won the global Islamic Services Center Award, and will be launched exclusively at the World Islamic Banking Conference in the second of December at the Gulf Hotel, Manama.