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WVB Shari´a Compliance Rating covers publicly listed companies in 153 countries (approx. 99% of global capitalization). They are given a dual tier rating of crescents and stars (to learn more click here). This unique method enables consumer choice according to different interpretations of Islamic jurisprudence. It offers an easy to use and interpret way to identify companies that meet Shari´a rulings. It also enables these companies to use the rating to raise funds via the Islamic market. Purification of Haram income is a key feature of our Islamic services and is achieved due to the accurate data on the haram income that is provided quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. To assist you with creating or maintaining your own Shari´a Board, WVB provides details of hundreds of prestigious and famous Shari´a scholars around the world; Check their Bios. WVB can apply your Shari´a Board´s criteria of Shari´a compliant equities. To submit your criteria, click here. WVB offers compliance searches by country, industry or company. Financial Ratio´s Search: Define your ratio´s maximum and minimum and we will provide you with search results. Click Here