EIFA being WVB Sharia'a Advisor
WVB has recently partnered with EIFA and accordingly EIFA provides WVB with the Shari'a consulting services through its prestigious Shari'a Board which includes specialists in Islamic economy. EIFA provided WVB with the Shari'a criterion approved by EIFA's Shari'a Board in order to enable WVB to rate the companies from a Shari'a perspective on a trustworthy and reliable basis.
Internal Shari´a Board
WVB has a Shari´a management team consisting of graduates from Al-Azhar University who specialized in Shari'a and Islamic jurisprudence.

  • * Dr.Rabee Saad

Dr.Saad graduated from the Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies, the University of Al Azhar in Cairo. He got an MA degree in jurisprudence with an excellent grade. He got the PhD degree in the Islamic jurisprudence from the University of Al Azhar with first class honors.

He worked as a Shari'a Teacher, an Imam, and a Preacher in the Ministry of the Egyptian Endowments. He also joined the Egyptian Fatwa Bureau (Dar Al-Ifta Al-Misriyyah) as a Shari'a Researcher. Then, he worked as the General Manager of the Shari'a Department of Ifta-learning.net at Egyptian Fatwa Bureau (Dar Al-Ifta Al-Misriyyah) and a Staff Member in the program of Mufti preparation which is presented by the Egyptian Fatwa Bureau (Dar Al-Ifta Al-Misriyyah) to those who are specialists and concerned with the Islamic finance.

In addition, he worked as a Teacher of Islamic jurisprudence and the principles of Islamic jurisprudence in the academic councils of Al Azhar.
Dr.Saad joined WVB as a Shari'a Advisor for its Islamic products in order to meet the requirements of the company by replying to its Shari'a inquiries and consultancies.

  • * Sheikh Ayman Abu El Nasr

World Vest Base is pleased to announce that Sheikh Ayman Abu El Nasr has consented to act as a consultant to WVB. Mr. Abu El Nasr graduated from Al Azhar University. He was then awarded an M.A in Jurisprudence of Islamic Shari’a with an excellent degree from the same establishment. He is studying for a PhD now. He works as an Imam, a Preacher, and a Teacher in the Ministry of Egyptian Endowments.
Additionally, he is a Lecturer in Al Ansar higher Institute for Islamic and Arabic Studies and other institutes. He has worked as a Shari’a Researcher on the website of Dr Khaled Abdullah Al Musleh, President of the International Commission on Scientific Signs. Sheikh Abu El Nasr has a wealth of experience and knowledge to be able to advise and guide WVB to further enhance the reputation and authority of its Shari’a products and methodologies.