Unlike other Shari´a service providers who rely on third party databases, WVB has its own proprietary global financial database, WVB Master, of public companies that contains the as published data. The financial data is both as originally reported and also subsequent restatements. The Master Data currently contains two major subsets of data: 1) Industrial companies; and 2) Financial institutions. Both datasets contain various reporting schedules and each data item is unique. The database is unique, in the sense that it has very detailed levels of disclosed data items, including all published available Islamic financial data and specialized Islamic financial reporting models.

WVB provides the most detailed, simple to use, and flexible worldwide Islamic services and consultancy facility giving you control of how you manage your selected Islamic economic and Purification services at the click of your mouse. WVB Shari´a Compliance Rating covers all listed equities worldwide and Purification services are also provided. WVB´s Shari´a consultancy services also help fund, asset, and portfolio managers to make detailed and accurate decisions.

The WVB Shari´a Compliance Rating gives you accurate services utilizing the most advanced technologies and highly qualified staff of more than 400 employees in 11 offices worldwide. WVB devised Sharia Compliance Rating Report as an indicator of Shari´a compliance. It is packed with special Islamic related Data, making WVB the only Agency that provides Shari´a Compliance services with such credibility and authenticity. Search results.Click Here